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After months of disruption and uncertainty, many businesses are now planning to re-open. With insurance premiums continuing to rise, Mitti is keen to help you to get back to business by rewarding proactiveness towards risk management.

To maximise flexibility and convenience, Mitti is introducing Virtual Surveys. They are designed to proactively and efficiently conduct risk assessments in your business regardless of the location or other interruptions. 

Mitti's experienced Risk Solutions team will guide you through a discussion about the risks your business faces. By focusing on your unique business we will create proactive and workable risk mitigation strategies. Topics could include WHS/OHS Obligations, Business Interruption and Business Continuity Planning, specific hazard mitigation strategies including Insulated Panel, Fire and Life Safety, Housekeeping, and various higher risk occupations. Together with Mitti's suite of Risk Tools including iAuditor Inspections, Temperature and Humidity Sensors and Data Insights, we can help you be on top of your risks to ensure premium stability.

A Virtual Survey can be booked up to two hours in advance (subject to availability). After the Survey, you will receive a comprehensive Virtual Survey Report, along with a video recording and a photo file. 

Mitti’s team will contact existing policy holders directly, or via their broker, to arrange their Virtual Survey.

You can always engage our team to conduct a Virtual Survey of your business, regardless of where your insurance is placed.

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