Duty of Disclosure

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By obtaining a quote you agree that the correct Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) has been shown to you on this website, you have reviewed our Financial Services Guide (FSG) and agree with our Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Please read this important information about your Duty of Disclosure in the Insurance Contracts Act. By proceeding, you confirm that you have read the following.

To see if we can give you a quote, we are going to ask you some questions.

When answering the questions, you have a duty to tell us anything a reasonable person could be expected to tell us or be expected to tell us. This also applies to details you give us about others you want to be covered. Your Duty of Disclosure applies until we agree to insure you. If you do not meet this duty, we may reduce or not pay a claim, cancel your policy or treat it as if it never existed. It's important that you answer accurately.

Small Business Package Insurance contains provisions as to average and underinsurance. This means we require you to insure for the full value or maximum potential risk. If you do not do so, and you are underinsured, we will pay you less in the event of a claim, calculated by a formula in the policy which takes account of the degree of underinsurance.

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