Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know what is covered in my insurance?

What is covered by your insurance policy is outlined in the Policy Disclosure Statement. We tried our best to keep it as clear and easy to read as possible by keeping only the essential bits. However, please note that this may slightly vary depending on what covers you have selected. 


If I miss an inspection will this mean that my claim won't be paid?

No. We will always pay a claim if it is genuine and this does not matter whether you have completed an inspection or not. Inspections are a great way to ensure a safer business, but a failed or missed inspection is part of the business. 

Will using Mitti stop me from getting any claims?

No, unfortunate and unforeseen events will still occur. Mitti provides you with risk mitigation strategies to manage and reduce the likelihood and severity of claims.

How do I lodge a claim?

See our Make a Claim page for more information.

For workers' compensation claims please call 133 723 or email [email protected].

My question isn't listed here

Got another question? Send us a message and the team will contact you.


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