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About Mitti

How is Mitti different from other insurance providers?

Mitti is a technology-first insurance company. This means we prioritise and invest in technology to benefit our customers and make sure they get the most from their insurance. We always have the customer in mind and can reward you for proactive behaviours unlike any other insurer.

Where did Mitti come from?

Mitti is a joint venture between SafetyCulture and QBE. This provides us with the tech know-how of one of Australia's biggest growing tech company and the surety of one of Australia's largest insurers.

What technology do I get access to via Mitti?

Mitti customers get access to conduct inspections and create reports via SafetyCulture's iAuditor app. Unlock the positive benefits by extracting insights from your business. We also analyse data across the industry to build a holistic picture of your risk and insurance.


What is a risk & safety rating?

Mitti's risk and safety rating rates how proactive your business is in the management of safety, compliance and risk. Improving this over time not only will help you have a safer business and ultimately have a positive effect on your insurance premiums.

What benchmarking & industry insights does Mitti provide?

Mitti's benchmarking allows you to compare your business with others businesses in your industry. Get an understanding of how many and what type of inspections they complete, how safe they are and what are common risks around your industry.

What is a Virtual Survey? Do I need to do it to buy Mitti insurance?

The Virtual Survey is a service conducted by our risk consultants to identify ways to make your business safer with easy to implement recommendations. Now, you can purchase insurance before getting a Virtual Survey. We are also exploring the Virtual Survey as a standalone offer and discount to the premium.

What are inspections & what is iAuditor? Do I need this to become a Mitti customer?

iAuditor is a risk checklist and inspection software that allows systematic review of risks in your business. You can get insurance with us even if you've never used iAuditor checklists. Our business is to help enhance your risk operations so that you can be rewarded and to support businesses to enhance best practice across the industry.


How do I know what is covered in my insurance?

What is covered by your insurance policy is outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement. This will change depending on what covers you have selected, and we have tried to make this as easy and clear as possible to read by keeping the essential bits and none of the extra.

How do I get Mitti insurance?

You can purchase Mitti Insurance by contacting a member of our team to speak about what Mitti can do for you.

I have a broker, can I get Mitti?

We are a registered partner for a number of brokers across Australia. Speak to your broker about accessing our services.

How do I pay? Can I pay monthly?

Yes, we have flexible payment options with either upfront or monthly instalments to suit your needs.

Risk management

What is risk management?

Risk management is the identification and evaluation of risks in your business and then focusing resources to mitigate the impact of unfortunate events. At Mitti, we give you the tools to make this as easy as possible.

Why is risk management important?

Risk management is important as it reduces the likelihood and severity of incidents happening in a workplace. Whether looking after people or property, taking action is key to reducing the chance something happens. That is where Mitti is here to help.


If I miss an inspection will this mean that my claim won't be paid?

No. We will always pay a claim if it is genuine and this does not matter whether you have completed an inspection or not. Inspections are a great way to ensure a safer business, but a failed or missed inspection is part of business. In fact, a failed item suggests you are actively seeking to improve your business.

Will using Mitti stop me from getting any claims?

No, unfortunate and unforeseen events will still occur. Mitti provides you with risk mitigation strategies to manage, reduce the likelihood and severity of claims.

How do I lodge a claim?

See our Make a Claim page for more information on how to lodge a claim with Mitti.

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